CADbro is a budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer with multi-CAD format support, especially designed for everyone to visualize and communicate engineering data. Packed with smart 3D CAD viewing, vivid 3D annotation and advanced analysis technologies, CADbro can deliver your team highly efficient internal & external cooperation, greatly shortened time-to-market and largely saved project investment.

  • Diversified 3D CAD Support / Smart CAD Viewing

With nearly all mainstream neutral file formats are supported in CADbro, you can easily access & interact with 3D CAD data without expensive CAD licenses. Especially, you can open & save Catia files directly in CADbro. Plus, smart commands are delivered to help detect open edges and do quick healing, if required.

  • Vivid 3D Annotation

You can easily add dimensions, tolerance, symbols, or texts directly on the imported 3D models. The 3D annotations can replace traditional 2D drawings.

Key features of 3D Annotation:

• Distance, Radius/Diametric, Angular, Coordinate

• Datum, Feature Control Symbol, Surface Finish Symbol

• Label, Text, Image Balloon

  • Advanced Analysis

With diversified query & analysis tools in CADbro, you can verify the manufacturability of product structure and assembly. The detection of errors in the early stage product development can reduce the cost and save the time.

Key features of Analysis:

• Mass Properties, such as volume, area, mass

• Draft Angle, Wall Thickness, Dynamic Section

• Interference Check, Exploded View, Assembly Animation

Premium Features

You can modify models with CADbro's Direct Edit tools. Any design comments and revision suggestions can be

  • Clearly communicated between the different departments or cooperating parties.
  • Check Open Edges, Auto-Healing, Fill Gap.
  • Simplify, Move/Offset Face, Copy/Move/Mirror Shape