New concept of getting programming services for CNC Machines by yourself with our built in infrastructure. We do provide place, System, Software to program which helps lot of companies to get CNC Programs for their existing Machines who require services once in a while.


1. What is Pro Cafe ?

Pro Cafe is the new concept of getting programming services for all CNC Machines. Pro cafe is the place where you get the SolidCAM software to do your design & programming on your own & carry the solution along with you.

2. If We don’t know the SolidCAM software will you teach us?

Yes. We are Authorised Training Partner & Value Added Reseller for the SolidCAM Software hence we can provide in depth knowledge & skill set if you have machining knowledge.

3. Who can avail this Pro Cafe services?

Companies who are having 01 or 02 CNC machines who require programming services once in a while can use our services. Consultants who are already giving programming services to their customers can get the services with our legal software.

4. Is it a paid version?

FREE for about 8 HRS for the candidate who take part in our SolidCAM Training course. After to this Rs.250/HR will be collected as operational cost.

5. Do you provide programming assistance to us when we come for Pro cafe services?

Yes. You will get the assistance but with different cost which will be decided on the type of service you avail with us.

6. How it will be benefiting to consultants

a) They can use the legal software with us.

b) SolidCAM I Machining is Patented technology & boon to the manufacturing industry where you can reduce cycle time up to 70% & more with less programming effort.

c) SolidCAM’s iMachining revolutionary CAM Toolpath and Wizard, provide unbelievable cycle time savings and tool life extension, increasing dramatically the productivity and profit

d) iMachining extends cutting tool life dramatically

e) The unique iMachining Technology Wizard, provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications.