ZW3D is an all-in-one, cost-effective 3D Design software which integrates product design, sheet metal, reverse engineering, assembly, mould development  in one package.

ZW3D, a cost effective 3D CAD solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency. ZW3D delivers an easy-to-use Ribbon interface and workflow, flexible–efficient 3D design capabilities, and a productive assembly performance. With well-defined sketches, detail parts and assemblies to 2D drawing, ZW3D takes designers from concept design all the way to finished products. Not only can you access quality tools to create smooth surface models and sheet metal parts, but you can also deal with point data or STL data with built-in reverse engineering. ZW3D gives you productive design with ease.


Data Import

  • Upgraded Import Engine for 3rd Party Formats
  • CATIA V5 supported version has been changed from R6~R23 (V5~6R2013) to R8~R24 (V5~6R2014).
  • Supported version of the ACIS import is up to R25.
  • New "Import Geom set as layer" option for CATIA V5 import.
  • Supported version of the Inventor import is up to 2015.
  • Supported version of NX import is up to NX 9.0.
  • Improved import quality on some special case.
  • Support version of Proe/Creo up to 2.0.
  • Support version of Solidworks up to 2014.

*Please be noticed that ZW3D 2015 for XP OS doesn't have this upgrade.

Prominent Healing Capacity

Upgraded "Heal/Analyze"
In the 2015 version, “Heal/Analyze” has been given improvements to boost its capability of analysis and healing aiming to help users to detect more topology errors and fix them. You can check the changes as following.

Weldment Design

Frame structure usually works as the skeleton of a product housing or the some under structure. It consists of section bars with proper end treatments, and sometimes uses weld bead to connect each other. 
Now, all these applications are provided by the new Weldment module.

  • Flexible to Create Structure Member, End Cup, Weld Bead, Gusset.
  • Support users to customize profiles.


  • Isometric view is a good and easy view to know about what the product looks like.
  • New "3D Measure" Support to true dimension in isometric view.

Product Design

The ZW3D file provide a multi-object and single-object file to meet different requirements.
• New File Types for One-object File.
• New "Pack" to Archive a Z3 File and Its Related Files.
• Improvements for Object Manager.
• New "Auto File Recovery" to Restore Unsaved Changes.


Smart & Friendly Sketch

Most product design begins with two-dimensional sketches, which can drive feature geometry. All the tools to draw well-defined sketches are available. Additionally to conventional tools, you have various other useful tools to speed up sketch drawing.

  • "Ready Sketch Text" will not be converted to regular curves after its creation and can be redefined, like changing its characters, font or size.
  • Easier Curve Creation,Edit and Quality Inquiry.
  • A handle is provided on the pick point where a click happens on a CV curve, to help to drag to change the tangency, tangency  magnitude and radius,or position.
  • "Power Trim" command offers a very easy and intuitive way to trim or delete entities.
  • To multiply an entity, "Copy" is a way to do. Now there is another new way - "Pattern".


Flexible & Efficient 3D Modeling

ZW3D is different to traditional 3D CAD software tools as it offers an unique product design experience, based on Solid & Surface Feature Hybrid Modeling technology. Combined with parametric modeling and Direct Edit, you can enjoy more efficient design.

  • Based on ZW3D’s unique OverdriveTM kernel, Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling allows Boolean operations between solid geometry and surface geometry, which makes design more flexible as solids are not required. 
  • Parametric modeling gives designers full control to easily edit feature geometry.
  • Direct Edit modeling offers more flexible tools to modify geometry quickly on native or imported models without history regeneration.
  • Provides flexible surface modeling tools to create smooth product models.
  • Many powerful modeling tools deliver more design possibilities, and give designers a constant stream of innovation, such as: Morph , Wrap , and Emboss.


Productive Assembly Design

Easy-to-use assembly capabilities help designers manage assembly and check large assembly design in order to accelerate design process and improve productivity.

  • Easily deal with large assemblies, including Top-Down design and    Bottom-Up design.
  • Interference check and dynamic section tools provide clear, visualized interference results to help designers identify errors early.
  • With animation tools, designers can demonstrate the design’s basic    operation as they would with a real life product. This can be saved as a *.AVI video.
  • Assembly history regeneration is independent of modeling history  regeneration and offer more and better edit behavior.

2D Sheet

2D Sheet is directly linked with a 3D model, so updates to the 3D model can be automatically reflected in the 2D sheet. This saves design time and reduces human errors.

  • Automatically create 2D associative viewswith projection, sectioning    and detailing.
  • Dimensions and Annotations include ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS and GB standard, as well as support for custom.
  • Generate the Bill of Material, Hole & Electrode tables with auto-ballooning.
  • Easy to customize the Symbol, Hatch pattern and 2D sheet templates.

Additional Modules

Sheet Metal

Easy to create many different sheet metal features, such as: flange, lofted flange, dimple, and louver. It is also possible to fold or unfold solids or open geometry in ZW3D using the Solid & Surface Hybrid Modeling technology more tutorial. 

Reverse Engineering

With built-in reverse engineering, designers can use STL, points, and scan data to build surface or 3D models, as well as prepare models for CNC machining by refining meshes, building surfaces and repairing gaps. This could then be linked with a 3D printer to create a real model.


With the new weldment module, user can easily to create Structure Member, Gusset, End Cap, etc. It consists of section bars with proper end treatments, and sometimes uses weld bead to connect each other.